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Client Testimonials

Amanda G.

Amanda Gantz.JPEG

“I met Erin through a mutual friend at the beginning of 2022.  My first impression of Erin was that of someone who is extremely professional, competent, and most importantly a phenomenal horsewoman.  I am very leery of sending my horses to anyone, as I feel no one takes care of my horses like my husband and I do.  The moment we walked into Erin’s barn we felt comforted by her calm demeanor and how well kept her barn and the animals looked.  Throughout the time our horse was in her care, we never once worried about anything, as Erin was highly communicative.  We recently imported a horse from Ireland that we are excited to be sending to Erin in the Spring of 2023!  I’m looking forward to training with Erin for many years to come!”

Simone C.

Simone Cardoza.JPEG

“I have been taking lessons with Erin for the last few months. In that short period, she has helped completely transform my jumping. My horse would rush the fences, get horrible distances, and typically have at least one rail in stadium. Since training with Erin, my horse and I have put down clean, steady rounds at our shows. We even had a fellow team member comment that my horse had a great steady rhythm! I’m very excited to keep training with Erin and continuing to build my skills. I highly recommend Erin to anyone who is looking to improve their riding.”

Lorri W.

Lorri Witkowski.png

“Erin was fantastic to buy a horse from. Honest, knowledgeable, responsive, timely with great follow-up. If she says it, it’s true and will happen. Would 100% buy a horse from her again but won’t need to for a long time because the one I got is AMAZING and so is Erin.”

Bailee B.

Bailee Bast.jpg

“I have known Erin for years and she has had a hand in coaching me and several of my horses.

Erin has a gift for not only horses but also people. She has an energy that horses appreciate and makes people feel comfortable, which makes her a great teacher for both. Her levelheaded and encouraging advice is exactly what everyone needs in a coach. She has a wide knowledge base and is able to deploy it in an impressively effective manner. Erin has a brain for equine mechanics and thinks about the best ways to teach each individual horse. She takes first class care of all horses in her barn. To top it all off she is a captivating rider and can make any horse look stunning. I highly recommend Erin and her program for first rate coaching and training.”

Aubrey W.

Aubrey Whalen.HEIC

“I have been riding with Erin for only a few months now, but she has been an incredible asset for me and my horse to have around. Each lesson is new education that is informative and practical. Erin does a great job breaking down the many exercises and explaining why we are doing what we are doing each step of the way. My riding toolbox has more than doubled in the months I have been taking lessons with Erin..

Going into the winter season I have plenty of exercises to work on to help me and my horse reach our goals. Without her guidance, I would not be having the productive rides I am having now. The progression I have made in her lesson program is evident. Many riders at my barn have commented on how much my horse and I are benefiting from having these lessons.

Bonus points for her flexibility with working around my school schedule and being willing to travel out to my barn for lessons!

I am looking forward to continuing in the spring & would recommend her to everyone and anyone!”

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